In Nicaragua 90% of burns occur at home

0 %

are caused by
boiling liquids

1 %

of accidents occur
in the kitchen

0 %

of patients are
less than 5 years old

1 %

of the time there is
an adult present

Burns are the second cause of death by accident, estimates state that more children die from burns annually than of HIV/AIDS and Malaria, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010.

Children living in extreme poverty are more likely to suffer a burn accident.

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. Many families live all in one room, they cook there, sleep there, and the children play very close to artisanal stoves, improvised kitchens with pots on the floor that contain hot liquids, a latent danger.

The Covid-19 pandemic provoked a confinement of families in their homes, as such the incidence of pediatric burns became an unfortunate reality.

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¡Hope lies in prevention!

At APROQUEN we believe in the power of education to raise awareness and reduce burn accidents. A team of specialists accompanied by Captain Rocky, who is the superhero of burn prevention, visit different schools of Nicaragua spreading the message that “To prevent is to smile.”