Our children and their dreams inspire us here at APROQUEN

APROQUEN is a pioneer non-profit in Central America. From its inception, the commitment of APROQUEN is inspired in its divine purpose: save lives, turning tears into smiles.

Every child that we attend with grave burns and/or congenital malformations of cleft lip palate is taken in by our multidisciplinary team to begin a transformation from the inside out, the child will receive holistic and integral care across different specialties.


is here!

At APROQUEN we strive to effect social change: health, prevention and social services.

With the support of different media outlets in Nicaragua, APROQUEN has begun a campaign to create awareness around burn prevention.

Thanks to all our sponsors like you, we have provided more

than 680,000 health services for FREE.

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Turning Tears into Smiles

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