Burn Patients

Our statistics indicate that the majority of burn victims are children less than five years old, and that 90% of these accidents occur at home, usually in the kitchen (53%) or in the backyard (25%) where trash is burned. In many cases, the mothers are present (74%).


The commitment of APROQUEN to care for the burn patient, led us to develop an integral and holistic approach.


Integral Care to the burn patient:

  • External Consultation with the multidisciplinary team
  • Psychological Care for patients and family members.
  • Nutrition Management
  • Critical and severe burn management at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Physical Rehabilitation: Physical therapy and Compressive garments.
  • Occupational Therapy.

Due to the importance of compression garments during the rehabilitation of burned children, APROQUEN produces its own pieces, including masks.

We guarantee to the families that they will receive FREE care