Provide free and integral medical care to children with burns and cleft lip palate in Nicaragua, as well as to train our colleagues in Central America.


Be leaders that transform the lives of our patients, by way of quality treatments based on innovation research for children with burns, as well as with cleft and lip palate in Central America.


At APROQUEN we believe that the following values are essential in providing high quality services to our patients:
  • Calling to service and humanitarianism
  • Excellence and responsibility
  • Passion and dedication to be the best
  • Love what we do
  • Innovation: we constantly look for new and better ways to serve.
  • Integrity and reliability in our behavior towards the community and sponsors
  • Committed to environmental sustainability
Help us continue…
Turning Tears into Smiles
Every child that we attend with grave burns and/or congenital malformations of cleft lip palate is taken in by our multidisciplinary team to begin a transformation from the inside out, the child will receive holistic and integral care across different specialties.