Burn Prevention

APROQUEN has created educational activities of prevention and awareness. The medical team of APROQUEN visits kindergartens as well as lower, middle and high schools. This innovative program reaches children, teachers, and families around the most vulnerable and high-risk communities of Nicaragua. The parents, teachers and community leaders are trained also, so that they can become trainers themselves.

Where we are headed

  1. Reduce the rate of burns, apply preventive measures.
  2. Educate the public regarding the prevalence of burns by hot liquids, playing with fireworks or other agents.
  3. Implement security measures and empower the community to a change in behavior.

Educational resources available:

To have access to some of the materials of the Prevention Program, fill in the form found in the following link (form link), once you have filled it out we will send you a code so that you can download the material.

If you want to contact a member of the burn prevention team to implement the program in your school or receive more information about the materials, send an email to info@aproquen.org