30 de July de 2020 Our History - APROQUEN

Our History

Our History

APROQUEN was founded in 1991 by Vivian Pellas who, along with her husband Carlos Pellas, survived one of the worst accidents in the history of Central American aviation.

As Vivian was drifting between life and death while being transferred from the hospital in Tegucigalpa via air ambulance to the United States her father heard her mumbling, “I am going to build a burn unit for the children of Nicaragua.” In gratitude to God that it had been Carlos and Vivian and not their children that suffered the accident, that thought was transformed into a commitment APROQUEN was born in this moment.

Thanks to the vision and determination of Vivian, the APROQUEN Burn Center is strategically located adjacent to the “Metropolitan Hospital Vivian Pellas” for support of its operations. This world class center provides FREE comprehensive care to children afflicted with burns and those with cleft and lip palate in Nicaragua.

Key Moments in APROQUEN History:

1991: APROQUEN was established as a non-profit organization with the objective to provide FREE medical services to children suffering from burns.

1993: After two years of planning, APROQUEN redesigned, built and equipped the first Nicaraguan burn unit in the public hospital Fernando Velez Paiz where the organization’s roster of doctors and nurses provided specialized services for 11 years.

2002: APROQUEN’s first rehabilitation clinic, second in Latin America, was opened to provide free world class medical care for child suffering from burns.

2002: APROQUEN’s initiated in-house production of compression garments, masks and splints ensuring families receive these at no-cost. While these items are readily available in the United States they are difficult to procure in Central America.

2003: APROQUEN’s focus and knowledge base about the integrated care that burn victims require led the organization to create a regional program, developing training and educational activities.

2004: APROQUEN opened the doors of its own burn center, based in Managua, Nicaragua. It is the first stand-alone burn center with international quality standards managed by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals providing FREE comprehensive and holistic care.

2010: APROQUEN expanded its mission to provide comprehensive care and support to patients with cleft and lip palate, replicating its model of care for burn survivors.