30 de July de 2020 Our Model - APROQUEN

Our Model

Our Model

Since inception, APROQUEN’s commitment to making patients whole again steered us towards developing a holistic and comprehensive approach based on the three pronged social change model: health services, education and social services.

Health Services

APROQUEN established one of the world’s most respected and prestigious burn centers. Every child receives comprehensive and multidisciplinary care from plastic surgeons, pediatricians, nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists, and psychologists.

Due to the important role compression garments play in rehabilitation, APROQUEN initiated in-house production of these garments, masks and splints ensure families receive them at no-cost.

APROQUEN’s cleft lip and palate program also adheres to this approach. Additionally, this program includes dental care, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, otolaryngologist and speech therapy.

Education & Prevention

In our efforts to reduce the prevalence of burns, APROQUEN has created prevention-education programs and regional trainings for allied organizations.

To decrease the rate of childhood burns, APROQUEN’s medical team visits pre-schools and elementary schools. This innovative program reaches children, teachers, and families throughout Nicaragua’s most underserved and high-risk communities. Due to limited health services in these rural areas, APROQUEN’s medical team travels throughout the country teaching and empowering health professionals how to stabilize a patient in the first 24 hours after a burn.

This Advanced Life Support (ABLS) course was developed by the American Burn Association and adapted by the Latin American Burn Federation (FELAQ) as Atención Basica Inmediata del Paciente Quemado (ABIQ). APROQUEN’s Burn Center’s medical and administrative directors are certified to teach this course.

This program has trained medical doctors, nurses, firefighters, medical students, Red Cross paramedics, and Ministry of Health professionals, among others. With the support of different media outlets in Nicaragua, APROQUEN has initiated an on-going campaign to raise awareness for burn prevention.

Social Services

APROQUEN’s commitment to treating the whole child includes working with the burn survivor and their families to address not only their physical needs but their emotional and social recovery as well.

For families in need, APROQUEN provides “a home away from home” so they can stay close to their children while they receive treatment. APROQUEN provides free room and board for families at “Casa Albergue” including meals, clothing and toiletries. “Casa Albergue” has comfortable living quarters designed for the whole family from kitchen and laundry facilities to a playground and reading corner.

APROQUEN also provides formula and special bottles to help replace the caloric intake loss of those children born with cleft lip and palate.

In addition, APROQUEN strives to provide quality care in the most remote areas of Nicaragua ensuring communities can have access to world class medical burn and cleft lip and palate care.