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Latinamerican Physioterapists traveled to Taiwan to be trained on the management of Burned Hand

APROQUEN is committed to open Windows of hope and to continue turning tears into smiles.

That was the main reason, 8 physiotherapists who works in like- minded Organizations from Colombia, Perú, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, México and Nicaragua, visited Social Sunshine Welfare Foundation in Taiwan, to finish a Training  course on Management of Burned Hand for Burn survivors which started on 2016, thanks to China-Taiwan government.

They lived a week full of experiences and practice work in Taiwan to maximize their knowledges to treat and improved the quality of life for Burn patients.

 “Thanks to the support of Sunshine Foundation, we had been trained on compressive and occupational therapy, but also on splinting. Strong relations as this one, allows APROQUEN to keep learning and improving. In 7 years we have trained 31 physiotherapists from Central and Latin america, all of them work in like-minded organizations” mentioned Dr. Mario Perez, medical director at APROQUEN.

 On 2011 marked a milestone and a very close relation started among APROQUEN, China –Taiwan government and Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation.