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Originally from Granada, seven-month-old Wilfredo Alvarez was born with the congenital malformation, cleft lip and palate.

His parents first learned about APROQUEN from friends and family and within days of being born, Wilfredo began comprehensive care with APROQUEN’s elite multidisciplinary medical team free of charge.


Three months after beginning treatment, Wilfredo was taken to the operating room for his first Chieloplasty surgery (closure of the cleft lip).

At APROQUEN, children are guaranteed nutritional care such as milk formula and bottles, as well as, rigorous monitoring of their height and weight. Besides working with the growth plates in the jaw, APROQUEN also provides plastic surgery, pediatric care, and counseling services for parents.

Before Wilfredo turns one, APROQUEN surgeons will perform the second surgery to close the palate.