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Wilber was transferred to APROQUEN from the Escuela Oscar Danilo Rosales in the city of León. Wilber suffered burns across 35% of his body (face, arms, and upper back).

Resulting in second and third degree burns, the accident occurred after a gallon of gasoline exploded. Wilber was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where he remained for 15 days. Later, he was transferred to the general ward where he remained for 16 days for a grand total of 31 days.

During his stay, Wilber underwent 12 surgical procedures. Recently, he underwent further surgeries to reconstruct his right ear.


Born in Guatemala to Nicaraguan parents, Wilber is currently 7 years old and successfully completed second grade at the Modesto Armijo Lozano School in the city of León.

Wilber likes to read and currently participates in the APROQUEN Burn Center’s Reading Nook.

Wilber is a clever and energetic child who enjoys playing his favorite sport soccer. Wilber continues to receive physical therapy and counseling at APROQUEN. He has been fitted for compression garments and has undergone various plastic surgeries.