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Originally from neighboring country El Salvador, Royden was born with the congenital malformation, cleft lip and palate. Since the treatment is expensive in their home country, Royden’s mother found APROQUEN on the internet while looking for treatment options.

Royden’s parents moved to an Aunt’s home in Managua.  Royden found the doors open at APROQUEN and soon began treatment starting with the growth plates, feeding techniques, and counseling for his parents. At APROQUEN, Royden has received all his necessary and comprehensive care completely FREE.


APROQUEN doctors performed a Chieloplasty surgery where they closed the cleft lip and a Palatoplasty surgery to close the palate. He continues to receive treatment for the growth plates and will continue to receive further surgeries.

Today, Royden and his mother visit the burn center every 15 to 30 days to follow up on treatment. At APROQUEN, treatment for cleft lip and palate is comprehensive and free from the moment a child is born until they turn 18 years old.