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After their son was born with the congenital malformation, cleft lip and palate, Marcelo’s parents were worried. A friend told them that Radio Ya, a national radio station, mentioned a place called APROQUEN that served children affected by cleft lip and palate for FREE.

Originally from the department of Granada in the town of Nandaime, Marcelo and his family moved to Burn Center in Managua to begin treatment with the medical team.


At 18 months old, Marcelo had already received two surgeries. When he was just three months old, APROQUEN doctors performed a Chieloplasty surgery to close the cleft lip and 9 months later they performed the surgery to close the cleft palate (Palatoplasty). Since turning two and half, Marcelo has participated in speech therapy sessions.

Providing nutritional care as part of Marcelo’s comprehensive treatment, APROQUEN’snutritionist provided Marcelo’s parents with milk formula and special bottles after training them in the correct feeding techniques for children affected by congenital malformations. In addition to nutritional training, Marcelo’s parents also receive counseling.