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According to APROQUEN statistics, 95% of accidental burns occur in the home.  In March 2017 Jose Alejandro Matamoros was no exception.

Jose Alejandro was born in Ciudad Dario (Matagalpa), a city located 90 kilometers from Managua (Nicaragua´s capital). He is the older of two children. His mother Roxana, 35, is a stay at home mom and his father Alejandro, 37, works in construction.

Jose Alejandro is a survivor.  His bedroom caught on fire due to an electrical short circuit while he was sleeping in the room with his younger brother. His 80-year-old grandmother, thankfully, came to the rescue a few minutes later when she saw smoke coming out of the room. Due to her hearing problems, she had not heard José Alejandro screaming for help.

Jose Alejandro suffered severe burns to 14% of his body. He came to the APROQUEN – Burn Center the same day of his accident and spent 14 days hospitalized of which 11 were spent in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  All of Jose Alejandro’s care was provided by APROQUEN free of charge.


After being discharged from the hospital, José Alejandro’s intensive rehabilitation journey began. The doctor told Roxana that she needed to bring him on a weekly basis.  Coming and going was a challenge because of transportation costs.  Thanks to the commitment of a generous donor Jose Alejandro has not missed one rehabilitation therapy since his outpatient treatment began.

Roxana has been instrumental in her child’s recovery process. She not only ensures that he comes to every medical appointment but during his rehabilitation sessions also plays a critical role learning how to do the exercises that Jose Alejandro must do at home.  She is determined to help Jose Alejandro regain his confidence and pushes him to do all the things he once enjoyed doing such as playing outside with kids from his neighborhood.

Jose Alejandro is now 7-years-old, likes to play with soccer balls and cars and loves to eat chocolate.  He is in the first grade and with the support of his teachers, friends and family has learned to read.

At APROQUEN more than 800 children suffering from burns are treated annually.  Please donate today and give children like Jose Alejandro hope.