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APROQUEN participates in the Latin American Congress of Burns

From November 8 – 11 a delegation of APROQUEN doctors participated in the XII Congress of the Latin American Federation of Burns (FELAQ) and the II Peruvian Congress of Burns in the city of Lima, Peru.

During this meeting APROQUEN had a special opportunity to present three studies that encompass the multidisciplinary treatment of the burn patient.

“We will be explaining the conduct of the Procalcitonin and the C protein reactive in burn patients. This is a special test that identifies the presence of infections.  On the other hand, we will also present a study on the effect of massage on the scars of survivors of burns, indicated Dr. Mario Perez, Medical Director of the Burn Center.

The other study to be presented focuses on the behavior of the “Burnout syndrome in medical personnel who work in a hospital setting, as they deal with various emotional conditions and stress levels,” detailed Perez.

 Our medical director Dr. Mario Perez, Dr. Juliana Mena, Pediatric Coordinator, Lic. Tatiana Castillo, Psychologist, Lic. Anadela Morales, Nutritionist, Lic. Socorro Valladares, Rehabilitation Coordinator, are participating for APROQUEN. 


APROQUEN carried out the reconstructive surgery of the hand and the upper limb with French doctors

APROQUEN in collaboration with the group Sos Main Du Paix of France carried out a medical mission dedicated to reconstructive surgery of the hand and upper body with the objective of recovering the functionality of these extremities.

A total of 28 patients with various hand problems were treated and 14 patients received surgical care which provided successful results.

The medical procedures were offered without cost benefitting patients from remote areas of the country.

We come every year to assist APROQUEN and the burned children of Nicaragua.  For us it is very important to train the surgeon onsite with the new techniques we can utilize to help patients with hand conditions.  It is rewarding and very powerful to help provide these surgeries of the hand that restore patients movement.

APROQUEN, Turning Tears into Smiles

APROQUEN and Johns Hopkins Hospital Conduct Surgical Mission in Chichigalpa

APROQUEN and the Johns Hopkins Hospital, performed a surgical mission from August 27th to September 1 at the Alfredo Pellas Hospital of Ingenio San Antonio.

This surgical mission is directed towards patients with burns sequelae, congenital malformations of the cleft lip and palate and other severe pathologies.

Dr. Taha Z. Shipchandler, coordinator of the visiting group indicates that “the work done by APROQUEN is unique in the world, our effort is focused on giving continuity to the surgeries carried out in past years and evaluating patients with complex pathologies.”

This year we will have the participation of students of the career of medical sciences from Catholic University of Nicaragua (UNICA).

APROQUEN & SMILE TRAIN Host the 1st Cleft Lip and Palate Regional Meeting

APROQUEN was selected for the 1st Regional Meeting in Orthodontics and Pre-Surgical Orthopedics. The partnership established with the Smile Train brought together 25 doctors from the specialties of dentistry, orthodontics and plastic surgery with the goal to standardize treatment criteria as well as share treatment protocols in the multidisciplinary care of patients with cleft lip and palate in the Latin American Region.

The meeting was held from August 15th to 18th and representatives from countries such as El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, the US and Nicaragua participated.

“We are very excited to receive in our burn center medical professionals with extensive experience and a great heart dedicated to the treatment of cleft lip and palate patients. This is a strong beginning toward the many goals to be achieved, but where the most important has already made a path for the future,” said Dr. Daysi Masis, Dental Clinic Coordinator at APROQUEN.

Smile Train is a leading cleft lip and palate organization in the world, present in 85 countries. Its main goal is to help support countries treating cleft lip and palate with educational, medical and financial resources to empower local doctors in developing countries.


APROQUEN and Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation (SSWF) Train Physiotherapists of Latin America

As part of the 2011 partnership formed between APROQUEN, the Government of Taiwan and Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation (SSWF), from the 18th to 22nd of September the APROQUEN- Burn Center provided training on the management of the burned hand in patients who are burn survivors.

In the training 15 physiotherapists participated from corresponding organizations in the Latin American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Nicaragua.

“The hand is the part of body that is burned most frequently.  For this reason, we are centering on the management of its rehabilitation in order to accomplish functional recuperation. These patients can require several years of treatment and reconstructive surgical procedures.  However, an effective rehabilitation can reduce burn sequelae that are difficult to manage by 0%, and give hope back to patients,” expressed Dr. Mario Perez, Medical Director of APROQUEN.

The training is part of APROQUEN’s Regional Program.

Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation was established in Taiwan in 1981 with the mission of addressing the physical, psychological and social needs of burn survivors and those with facial malformations.  The services include physical therapy, psychological help, financial assistance, housing, scholastic guidance, vocational orientation and prevention education.

During 25 years APROQUEN has provided more than 521,000 health services which include more than 35,000 surgeries and 250,000 rehabilitation services, offered at no cost.


APROQUEN and CABEI Train Physicians in Physiotherapeutic Massage Techniques

From June 8 to 12, APROQUEN hosted the first session of the “Development of Massage Protocols and Scar Evaluation” training, as a part of the Regional Program for the Treatment, Rehabilitation, Training and Prevention of Children suffering from burns in Central America that APROQUEN supports along with the Central American Bank of Economic Integration (CABEI).

The training session aimed to achieve a standard physiotherapeutic massage technique to improve scar flexibility in burn patients from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

“The first thing we did was define the techniques. The participants shared their experiences and each of them contributed to the training with their knowledge. Therefore, we all were able to learn and define exactly what we do in everyday practice,” said Ingrid Parry, Master of Science in Physical Therapy at Shriners Hospital in California.
This is the first of many trainings about massage techniques in which we hope to build a treatment protocol for the five countries involved.

“This experience has been rewarding. As we see results in the recovery of our patients, the benefit of attending trainings like these becomes indisputable. This is the third time that I have received training through APROQUEN. I am thankful to all involved, especially the people who support this program, because it motivates me as a specialist,” said Evelyn Brenes, physical therapist and Master of Integral Health and Human Movement at Costa Rica’s national children’s hospital.

The Regional Program for the Treatment, Rehabilitation, Training and Prevention of Children suffering from burns in Central America started in 2003 as an initiative of APROQUEN, in conjunction with BCIE, to address the needs in the Central American Region according to the situation of pediatric burn victims.

Over the past 24 years, APROQUEN has treated thousands of children suffering burn accidents and their symptoms, as well as congenital malformations such as cleft lip and palate in Nicaragua and Central America.

APROQUEN and Loma Linda University Conduct a Dental Mission

Next Monday, June 15, APROQUEN will welcome a group of pediatric dentists from California’s Loma Linda University. Besides serving our burn and cleft lip and palate patients, the dentists will also treat children from other organizations, such as Los Pipitos, La Mascota, Centro Salud Nueva Vida, Fundación Nica Child, Pajarito Azul, and Fundación 21, since these groups lack the medical resources, infrastructure, dental equipment, and materials that are necessary to maintain an operating room for oral health rehabilitation.

An oral rehabilitation treatment that employs the use of general anesthesia, specialized pediatric dentistry treatment, and the expertise of a group of doctors trained in the care of medically compromised patients has an approximate cost of US $ 2,000.

“Approximately 40 children will be evaluated in order to select a group of surgical candidates/ candidates for surgery. Priority will be given to patients who besides presenting multiple cavities, also suffer from a syndrome or medical condition that impedes them from receiving medical appointments in a dental consulting room. in the way other kids are treated. Such conditions include children with down syndrome, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), cerebral palsy, and cancer,” said Dr. Daysi Masis, APROQUEN’s pediatric dentist.

Joining Loma Linda’s medical team for their visit to APROQUEN is Dr. Lenny Naftalin, dental anesthesiologist, Dr. Mamiko Kuriya, pediatric dentist, Dr. Philip Yenn, dental anesthesiologist, and Dr. Derren Tippets, pediatric dentist.

As a part of its holistic care commitment, APROQUEN will be providing patients a post-surgical follow-up to ensure their complete wellbeing. Over 24 years, APROQUEN has provided more than 460,000 health services, including more than 33,000 surgeries and 183 Surgical Medical Missions.

APROQUEN Celebrates 25 years of Turning Tears into Smiles

In honor of its 25th anniversary, APROQUEN presented Aladdin: The Musical on September 24-25 at the National Theater Rubén Darío.

This magical performance included 200 amateur and professional artists who donated their time and talent. Among the participants were actors, dancers, students of Studio Gimnasio Ilusiones, musicians, singers, set designers, costumers, sound and lighting technicians.

“Our goal was for people to enjoy the show and to support our noble cause. We worked with many sponsors to present that magical night,” said Dennis Schwartz, Artistic Director and Producer of the musical. APROQUEN is able to provide free care thanks to the generous support of our partners who have shown a strong commitment to our mission of Turning Tears into Smiles.”

For 25 years APROQUEN has provided more than 500,000 health services, including more than 34,000 surgeries, 239 rehabilitation services and 192 medical missions. Patients suffering from burns or cleft lip and palate are guaranteed comprehensive and free medical care.

APROQUEN and Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation (SSWF) strengthen skills of Latin American

Every 5 seconds someone suffers burns. That equals almost 11 million people a year, 95% of them living in developing countries.

From September 25th-30th a training was held at the APROQUEN-Burn Center involving 14 physical therapists from sister organizations in 7 countries in Central and South America. The training focused on the treatment of hand rehabilitation in burn survivors and was sponsored by Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation (SSWF).

This training was possible thanks to the support of the Government of China-Taiwan and was part of our Regional Program for the Treatment, Rehabilitation, Training and Prevention of Children suffering from burns.

“The hand is the part of the body that burns most frequently and its rehabilitation needs to be complete, since burns can be contracted in different ways depending on where the injury is. Having a strategic intervention plan in rehabilitation can reduce future rehabilitation to 0% in children, and give back hope to the patient,” said Dr. Mario Pérez, Medical Director at APROQUEN’s Burn Unit.

For 25 years APROQUEN has provided more than 500,000 health services including more than 34,000 surgeries completely free of charge.

APROQUEN and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Successfully Treat Children with Cleft Lip and Palate

From February 26th to March 3rd APROQUEN held a medical mission with renowned doctors from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, along with doctors from APROQUEN, and successfully operated on 15 children with cleft lip and palate from remote areas throughout Nicaragua.

 The medical team lead by Dr. Patrick Byrne, facial plastic surgeon, included nurses, plastic surgeons, nurses, speech therapists, and nutritionists. “We have been coming for eight years, we love Nicaragua and we love Nicaraguan children. The relationship that we have with APROQUEN is what keeps us wanting to collaborate,” said Bryne.

 In addition, to the surgeries, training was provided to APROQUEN’s nurses, pediatricians, speech therapists and nutritionist to enhance knowledge and skills for the multidisciplinary care of cleft lip and palate patients and improve quality treatment outcomes.