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Launch of the Business Cup “For the Smile of a Child”

The Business Cup, “For the Smile of a Child,” kicked off this Saturday, September 7, with the participation of twelve teams that will compete to continue Turning Tears into Smiles for the benefit of children suffering from burns.

This sports initiative is promoted by APROQUEN in conjunction with Zona Deportiva with the aim of raising funds and contributing to the rehabilitation of children with burns.

“We invite Nicaraguans to be part of this Business Cup, which they can enjoy in the company of family or friends in Zona Deportiva,” said Hector Gaitan, Director of APROQUEN Donations.

The teams that will play are made up of collaborators of the companies: Autonica; Vivian Pellas Hospital; Avanz; Coral; Aproque-Hemco; Bombaso Pacas; Liquor Company; Casa Pellas; SER San Antonio; Team Apollo FC (Mr. Roger Riguero); ANF (American Nicaraguan Foundation) and DICEGSA.

“The Cup will take place in four phases.  The first is the regular stage of all teams against all; the second, a quarter-final; the third is the semi-final stage; and the fourth the grand finale,” said Francisco Jarquin, representative of Zona Deportiva.

This event is sponsored by the awards company Premia and juices D’Frutta distributed by Compañia Cervecera de Nicaragua (CCN).

APROQUEN is a non-profit organization whose vision is to lead in the transformation of lives through a quality treatment based on innovation and research for children with burns, as well as cleft lip and palate in Central America. In 28 years more than 605,000 free health services have been provided, highlighted by more than 37,498 surgeries and 305,851 rehabilitation services.

Latinamerican Physioterapists traveled to Taiwan to be trained on the management of Burned Hand

APROQUEN is committed to open Windows of hope and to continue turning tears into smiles.

That was the main reason, 8 physiotherapists who works in like- minded Organizations from Colombia, Perú, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, México and Nicaragua, visited Social Sunshine Welfare Foundation in Taiwan, to finish a Training  course on Management of Burned Hand for Burn survivors which started on 2016, thanks to China-Taiwan government.

They lived a week full of experiences and practice work in Taiwan to maximize their knowledges to treat and improved the quality of life for Burn patients.

 “Thanks to the support of Sunshine Foundation, we had been trained on compressive and occupational therapy, but also on splinting. Strong relations as this one, allows APROQUEN to keep learning and improving. In 7 years we have trained 31 physiotherapists from Central and Latin america, all of them work in like-minded organizations” mentioned Dr. Mario Perez, medical director at APROQUEN.

 On 2011 marked a milestone and a very close relation started among APROQUEN, China –Taiwan government and Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation.

APROQUEN presents at the Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries in India

On november 30th to December 4th, and as part of the Regional Program that APROQUEN promotes, thanks to the generous support of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)we participated at the XIX Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI) held in New Delhi, India.

This participation at the Congress it is an opportunity to share knowledges and to  improve the attention to Burn patients, especially those in undeveloped countries.

During this Congress, APROQUEN has the honor to lead two main talks. One to expose the Educative model as part of the Regional Program in Attention, Rehabilitation, Training and Prevention of Burn Children in Central America, which empowers like-minded organizations to adopt the holistic burn care focus that APROQUEN promotes.

The second talk, APROQUEN showed the impact of the Burn Prevention Program, first one to be documented in Latin America, which its main objective is to be a reference for all countries in the region.

In these 27 years of work, APROQUEN has served thousand of children who suffer Burns and scars, but also those suffering Cleft and Lip Palate, serving around 500,000 health services, with 36,000 free surgeries. APROQUEN- Burn Unit, every year serves around 350 children victims of burns.

APROQUEN invited to present at the XI Brazilian Burn Congress

On May 9thto 12thin the city of Foz, Iguazu, Brazil the XI Brazilian Burn congress was hosted with more than 700 participants from different countries in Latin America and the US.

Our Founder and President, Vivian Pellas, our Medical Director Dr. Mario Pérez and a delegation from APROQUEN had the honor to participate thanks to the generous support of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration – CABEI.

This congress is organized by the Brazilian Burn Society and the main objective is to share and exchange knowledge and skills in the treatment of burns.

During this congress, our medical director, Dr. Mario Pérez, presented the multidisciplinary model used at APROQUEN, based on 27 years of experience providing free of charge health services for children suffering from burns.

Dr. Mario Pérez, stated “it allows to raise visibility and awareness of the work of Aproquen

Dr. Stafford Broumand, Global Advisory Member Visits APROQUEN

Dr. Sttafford Broumand, President of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and Global Advisory Member for APROQUEN visited us from New York, March 14th – 17th.

During his visit, Dr. Broumand was accompanied by a team of renowned videographers that spent two days capturing footage of APROQUEN’s medical services, interviews with our Founder and President as well as patients and their families in order to share with our international community. The team of videographers also had the opportunity to capture footage of the launch of the burn prevention program being held in elementary schools.

Two years ago, Dr. Broumand visited our burn center to see first-hand our work in burn care as well as meet our medical team and perform surgeries on two burn survivor patients.  Since then he has been an active member and committed to raising awareness and visibility for APROQUEN’s programmatic work in the US.

APROQUEN presents at the 50th American Burn Association Conference (ABA)

Our Founder and President, Mrs. Vivian Pellas participated in the recent American Burn Association Conference held from April 9th-13th. During this meeting, our Founder and President had the opportunity to share APROQUEN’s work with Dr. David Harrington, Director of Surgery from the Burn Center in Rhode Island and Gretchen J. Carrougher Research Nurse from the Surgery department at the medical Center of Harborview in Washington.

This conference brings together many professionals in the burn world including doctors, therapists, researchers and burn survivors.  A delegation from APROQUEN participated in a variety of educational sessions to enhance knowledge and skills with the objective to strengthen the quality of our treatment services.

APROQUEN’s participation is of vital importance during this conference as it explores an ABA verification for our burn center.  This ABA verification would provide APROQUEN with a true mark of distinction within burn care in Latin America.

APROQUEN receives a generous support from the Japanese embassy in Nicaragua

Thanks to the support to the Japanese Embassy, APROQUEN procured much needed medical supplies for its Operating room. The humanitarian project signed last year under the name of “Equipamiento para Niños con Defectos Congénitos Orales” in the amount of  $83,053 allowed to Aproquen procured surgical instrument, medical supplies with long shelf life.

This donation will helps us to strengthen quality and continue free medical services for children suffering from burns and cleft lip and palate.

During these 26 years APROQUEN has been able to provide more than 521, 000 health services, more than 35, 000 surgeries, 250,000 rehabilitation sessions and 199 medical missions, all free of costs for nicaraguan children.

APROQUEN and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine give back smiles to children with cleft lip and palate.

From February 12thto 16th, APROQUEN held a medical mission with renowned doctors from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, along with doctors from APROQUEN, and successfully operated on 37 children with cleft lip and palate from remote areas throughout Nicaragua.

The medical team lead by Dr. Patrick Byrne, Facial Plastic Surgeon, included nurses, plastic surgeons, nurses, speech therapists, and nutritionists. “We have been coming for eight years, we love Nicaragua and we love Nicaraguan children. The relationship that we have with APROQUEN is what keeps us wanting to collaborate,” said Bryne.

The happiness to be able to talk, to eat and to smile naturally, will be a reality for these 37 children of different areas of the country.

In addition, to the surgeries, training was provided to APROQUEN’s nurses, pediatricians, speech therapists and nutritionist to enhance knowledge and skills for the multidisciplinary care of cleft lip and palate patients and improve quality treatment outcomes.


APROQUEN and ReSurge International conduct Annual Clef Lip and Palate Medical Mission.

APROQUEN and ReSurge International held a medical mission from March 5th to 9th and successfully operated 16 children with cleft lip and palate from remote areas of Nicaragua. In 26 years Aproquen have conducted 201 medical missions.

“It is important that are medical team have continuous education and the support from this renowned group of doctors invested in strengthening the knowledge and skills of our team.  Their commitment is evident stated Dr. Mario Perez, Medical Director at APROQUEN-Burn Center.

The ReSurge International team included, Dr. Virender Singhal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon; Dr. Lorry Frankel, Pediatric Intensivist; Dr. George Gregory, Pediatric Anesthesiologist and Dr. Danielle Rochlin, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Resident.

“The surgeries that will be done will change these children´s lives radically. There will no longer be a connection between the oral and nasal area, hoping to avoid suffering from reflux and many cases difficult of eating. Additionally, we have screened patients that have virgin lip. We hope to surge 4 to 5 cases per day” expressed Dr. Mario Pérez, medical director at APROQUEN – Burn Center.

The ReSurge International team included Dr. Virender Singhal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon; Dr. Lorry Frankel, Pediatric Intensivist; r. George Gregory, Pediatric Anesthesiologist and Dr. Danielle Rochlin, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Resident.


APROQUEN and Emory University offer surgeries at no cost in Chichigalpa

From October 30th to November 3rd APROQUEN in collaboration with a medical team from The School of Medicine of Emory University and Catholic University of Nicaragua (UNICA) will be conducting a surgical medical mission directed at patients with untreated cleft lip and palate and their effects in the “Alfredo Pellas” Hospital in the San Antonio Refinery of Chichgalpa.

The objective is to return the smile to those children whose defects are so complex that their treatment goes well beyond repair through conventional surgeries.

During this medical visit, we will benefit from the participation of a prestigious group of doctors made up of maxilo facial surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses.