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APROQUEN and Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation (SSWF) Train Physiotherapists of Latin America

As part of the 2011 partnership formed between APROQUEN, the Government of Taiwan and Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation (SSWF), from the 18th to 22nd of September the APROQUEN- Burn Center provided training on the management of the burned hand in patients who are burn survivors.

In the training 15 physiotherapists participated from corresponding organizations in the Latin American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Nicaragua.

“The hand is the part of body that is burned most frequently.  For this reason, we are centering on the management of its rehabilitation in order to accomplish functional recuperation. These patients can require several years of treatment and reconstructive surgical procedures.  However, an effective rehabilitation can reduce burn sequelae that are difficult to manage by 0%, and give hope back to patients,” expressed Dr. Mario Perez, Medical Director of APROQUEN.

The training is part of APROQUEN’s Regional Program.

Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation was established in Taiwan in 1981 with the mission of addressing the physical, psychological and social needs of burn survivors and those with facial malformations.  The services include physical therapy, psychological help, financial assistance, housing, scholastic guidance, vocational orientation and prevention education.

During 25 years APROQUEN has provided more than 521,000 health services which include more than 35,000 surgeries and 250,000 rehabilitation services, offered at no cost.