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APROQUEN and Loma Linda University Conduct a Dental Mission

Next Monday, June 15, APROQUEN will welcome a group of pediatric dentists from California’s Loma Linda University. Besides serving our burn and cleft lip and palate patients, the dentists will also treat children from other organizations, such as Los Pipitos, La Mascota, Centro Salud Nueva Vida, Fundación Nica Child, Pajarito Azul, and Fundación 21, since these groups lack the medical resources, infrastructure, dental equipment, and materials that are necessary to maintain an operating room for oral health rehabilitation.

An oral rehabilitation treatment that employs the use of general anesthesia, specialized pediatric dentistry treatment, and the expertise of a group of doctors trained in the care of medically compromised patients has an approximate cost of US $ 2,000.

“Approximately 40 children will be evaluated in order to select a group of surgical candidates/ candidates for surgery. Priority will be given to patients who besides presenting multiple cavities, also suffer from a syndrome or medical condition that impedes them from receiving medical appointments in a dental consulting room. in the way other kids are treated. Such conditions include children with down syndrome, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), cerebral palsy, and cancer,” said Dr. Daysi Masis, APROQUEN’s pediatric dentist.

Joining Loma Linda’s medical team for their visit to APROQUEN is Dr. Lenny Naftalin, dental anesthesiologist, Dr. Mamiko Kuriya, pediatric dentist, Dr. Philip Yenn, dental anesthesiologist, and Dr. Derren Tippets, pediatric dentist.

As a part of its holistic care commitment, APROQUEN will be providing patients a post-surgical follow-up to ensure their complete wellbeing. Over 24 years, APROQUEN has provided more than 460,000 health services, including more than 33,000 surgeries and 183 Surgical Medical Missions.