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Jose Alejandro Matamoros

Before According to APROQUEN statistics, 95% of accidental burns occur in the home.  In March 2017 Jose Alejandro Matamoros was no exception. Jose Alejandro was born in Ciudad Dario (Matagalpa), a city located 90 kilometers from Managua (Nicaragua´s capital). He is the older of two children. His mother Roxana, 35, is a stay at home

Mareling Aleman Tellez

Before Just two months after turning 15, Mareling was burned when a lamp containing paint thinner exploded. The explosion caused burns across 50% of her body (face, neck, chest, and upper and lower extremities). She was admitted to Antonio Lenin Fonseca Hospital, where her family was told it was only a matter of time before

Wilber Javier Obando Iboy

BEFORE Wilber was transferred to APROQUEN from the Escuela Oscar Danilo Rosales in the city of León. Wilber suffered burns across 35% of his body (face, arms, and upper back). Resulting in second and third degree burns, the accident occurred after a gallon of gasoline exploded. Wilber was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit

Bryan Antonío solano

BEFORE When Bryan was two years old, he suffered a burn accident by falling into a pot of boiling water where he played. The accident caused burns across 46% of his body (back, chest, arms, buttocks, and genital area). At first, Bryan was taken to Hospital Humberto Alvarado in Masaya, where he was later transferred