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APROQUEN and Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation (SSWF) strengthen skills of Latin American

Every 5 seconds someone suffers burns. That equals almost 11 million people a year, 95% of them living in developing countries.

From September 25th-30th a training was held at the APROQUEN-Burn Center involving 14 physical therapists from sister organizations in 7 countries in Central and South America. The training focused on the treatment of hand rehabilitation in burn survivors and was sponsored by Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation (SSWF).

This training was possible thanks to the support of the Government of China-Taiwan and was part of our Regional Program for the Treatment, Rehabilitation, Training and Prevention of Children suffering from burns.

“The hand is the part of the body that burns most frequently and its rehabilitation needs to be complete, since burns can be contracted in different ways depending on where the injury is. Having a strategic intervention plan in rehabilitation can reduce future rehabilitation to 0% in children, and give back hope to the patient,” said Dr. Mario Pérez, Medical Director at APROQUEN’s Burn Unit.

For 25 years APROQUEN has provided more than 500,000 health services including more than 34,000 surgeries completely free of charge.